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Organic Home Service offers expert chimney cleaning in Dallas, Fort Worth, and nearby areas.

Our meticulous approach guarantees a clean home throughout the cleaning process. We utilize drop cloths and employ HEPA Filter Vacuums in our sweeps to avoid soot contamination in your home.

Once the cleaning is finished, our skilled technician conducts a thorough safety check to ensure your chimney is free of any additional problems.

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Fireplace Cleaning

Ensuring your fireplace is both safe and welcoming is our priority. Cleaning a fireplace and chimney usually requires professional expertise. It’s more than just removing soot; it involves comprehensive maintenance. Generally, chimney cleaning is advised when there’s at least a 1/8-inch deposit. Organic Home Service provides annual inspections to determine if cleaning is necessary. Remember to reach out to us for your chimney cleaning needs in Dallas.

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What Causes A Chimney Fire?

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Creosote Buildup

Unburned wood particles, tar, and various organic compounds accumulate inside the chimney, forming creosote, a highly flammable substance.

Infrequent Cleaning

Lack of regular chimney cleaning leads to the accumulation of soot and creosote, increasing fire risk.

Improper Burning Practices

Burning unseasoned wood or excessive amounts of paper can produce more creosote, elevating the likelihood of a fire.

Structural Issues

Cracks or defects in the chimney liner can expose combustible parts of the house to high temperatures or stray sparks, potentially starting a fire.

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