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 In the aim of slashing energy costs, a lot of homeowners resort to using their fireplaces. While this seems to be a practical solution, people should stay on top of the inspection and maintenance to ensure a clean chimney and their family’s safety. Majority of the fireplace manufacturers recommend that a fireplace should be evaluated and swept at least once a year. A thorough inspection of your chimney particularly its interior allows identification of problems and potential risks such as build up of dirt that increases fire risk.


Organic Home Service Dallas takes pride in serving the community with affordable, fast and efficient chimney cleaning, inspection and maintenance.  Over years, we have been a reliable company for countless homeowners in cleaning their chimneys. With our highly trained and experienced technicians, you’ll be sure you are getting the best chimney cleaning in Dallas. Any questions or concerns about your chimney, a technician will be happy to inspect and go over with you. 

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Dallas Chimney Cleaning Information

Indicators Your Your Home Is In Need Of A Chimney Cleaning

  • When there’s smoke entering the room during fireplace fire.
  • Burned wood odors from the fireplace even if it’s not in use.
  • A black fireplace damper filled with creosote.

Tools For Cleaning Your Chimney

Should you decide to clean your chimney yourself, you should devote time and purchase these necessary cleaning materials:

  • A plastic tarp to cover the fireplace and carpet indoors
  • A tall ladder to reach your roof
    A dust mask, gloves and goggles for protection
  • A chimney sweeping brush, and chimney brush extension pipes, a broom and dustpan to access hard
  • reached areas of the chimney when cleaning

We recommend to maintain your chimney after ever fire to keep your home free from dirt particles lingering in the air.


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Why Choose Organic Home Service Chimney Cleaning

From basic chimney cleaning in Dallas to major fireplace installations and repairs, you can rely on our professional service company. We offer minor repairs, inspections, and cleaning for your chimney. If you have concerns about how to maximize the use of your fireplace, its maintenance and safety tips, we’re just one call away. Our designated customer representatives are always ready to assist you in your chimney cleaning needs.

We understand the level of excellence and care that you deserve to ensure that you enjoy a quality lifestyle. That said, our expert workers are certified, licensed, insured and bond to serve the utmost safety and security of your house and your loved ones. Our professional team works with dedication, integrity, and knowledge. We all work hard to make sure your experience with us is an amazing one.

With Organic Home Service in Dallas, you get the value of your money. We are transparent in discussing our professional rates and services. We assure you that hidden fees and additional charges are not part of our agenda as we only want the best for our clients and we believe honesty creates a lasting relationship. We deeply value our customers and their needs are on top of our concerns.

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