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About Us

Completely Providing Any Solution For Chimney Service

Organic Home Service is a family-owned and operated company specializing in chimney cleaning and repair services in Allen. Our commitment to your home’s safety and comfort drives us to provide top-notch service in maintaining and repairing chimneys.
Our certified technicians are not just skilled in cleaning but also in identifying and fixing any issues your chimney might have. As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, we assure you of reliable and trustworthy service.
Choose Organic Home Service for a safe, warm, and well-maintained home. Contact us today to experience our exceptional chimney care.

Over 28 Years Experience
More then 40 cities covered in DFW area

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5 Star Business Rating

Rated 5 Stars: Outstanding Service, Unmatched Quality, and Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Our Services

Our skilled technicians, backed by extensive training, are committed to delivering exceptional service focused on enhancing the safety and efficiency of your home.

Don't skip on our additional services

We offer a free quote on site with a 21 point camera inspection we do before and after picture on every job and give our clients a 1 year warranty. At organic home services we only use certified green organic products no harsh chemicals like our competitors use. We clean out all dust debris dust mites fungus and mold from your duct’s. Call us today to better your air quality in your home

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Dryer vent cleaning special annual cleaning 99$

Dryer vents that don’t get cleaned annually are the number one hazard. Over 15,000 homes burn down every year.

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Quality Service, Affordable, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Trusted Expertise


Minimized Chimney Fire Hazards

Professional chimney cleaning reduces fire risks by removing creosote and detecting hazards, ensuring a safer home and peace of mind.


Enhanced Household Safety

Regular chimney cleaning removes dangerous blockages, reduces fire hazards, and ensures optimal operation for a safer home environment.


Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Professional chimney cleaning eliminates blockages, preventing harmful pollutants from entering your home, ensuring proper venting and a healthier living space.


Cost Savings

Regular chimney cleaning enhances heating efficiency, extends chimney and fireplace lifespan, and reduces energy bills by optimizing your heating system.

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Avoid Chimney Fires with Yearly Inspections from Organic Home Service!

Rated by our satisfied clients

Sarah L

Incredible service! Our chimney is impeccably clean, enhancing safety and efficiency.

David Smith

Efficient, professional, and meticulous. Far exceeded my expectations in every way!

Emily Nguyen

Exceptional team, highly knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough in their work.

Jessica Patel

Remarkable value, outstanding reliability, and impeccable service every time.

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Offering professional fireplace services in Allen region and beyond. Whether it's gas inserts or fireplace dampers, for new installations or repairs, get in touch with us now!