How efficient are your air ducts? There are various reasons why people should clean their air

ducts. For example it provides finer air quality, it is cost effective, and your HVAC system will

last longer. A little can turn into a lot in no time! Air duct cleaning eliminates large amounts of

dust and debris making the air circulation in your home healthier. Our air duct company will help

you and your loved ones avoid harmful air particles such as bacteria, smoke particles, 

fungi, and pollen. Studies show 50% of illnesses are caused due to substandard air quality. You

may be wondering how do I clean my air ducts? We use a Negative Pressure HEPA vacuum that

is attached to the unit and cleans the entire system. We do not use any harsh products all of the

products we use are totally organic! HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. Our

HEPA vacuum is used to catch huge particles to small sized pollutants such as pollen, dust

mites, etc. The HEPA vacuum has the ability to catch 99.97% of airborne particles. It has a

mechanical air filter that pushes air through thin mesh that catches the dangerous particles. This

vacuum is great for families with loved ones who struggle with allergies and asthma. The filters

that are used in the HEPA vacuum are the same filters that are used in air purifiers! These type of

vacuums help to reduce any amount of dust and dirt that could be thrown back into the air while

cleaning the air ducts. You should clean your air ducts every three to five years! We have a great

air duct cleaning promotion that is only $89! This promotion includes all of the ducts that are

attached to that unit are cleaned from any dirt and debris as well as a free inspection of the

whole house to check for any fungi, etc. When estimating the price for your air duct

cleaning make sure to consider these few questions. Are your air ducts residential or

commercial? What is the amount of duct work needed? What type of material are the ducts made

of? Are the ducts in good condition or are the ducts damaged? There are different types of duct

material such as sheet metal, non-metallic flexible material, and insulated fiberglass ducts. It is

okay if you do not know all of the answers to these questions because our technicians will be

able to let you know all about your ducts with your free inspection! Air duct cleaning also saves

you money on your energy bill! When air ducts aren’t sealed properly the energy from the air

conditioning system breaks free and it reflects on your energy bill. Sealing and insulating your

ducts can be very cost effective and prevents energy loss. Insulation helps to prevent

condensation as well as fungi accumulation. Insulation also can reduce the amount of

noises that are being transmitted due to the air ducts being able to carry sound waves. Air duct

cleaning will ensure you do not have that problem while saving money in your pocket. With our

company we do not just focus on your air ducts we want to make your breathing is easier so with

our free inspection we will cover your whole HVAC system such as the blower, coils, heat

exchangers and more! Taking care of your HVAC system will help maintain the comfort within

your home with better air quality. Say goodbye to all the irritants, smells, and odors in your

home with professional Air Duct Cleaning! Let us help you make your breathing easier !