When you start seeing dust and dirt building up on your car what do you do? You give it a car wash.

When the floors in your house start getting dirty what do you do? You vacuum. You get the point.

Well, air ducts are no different. Air ducts can collect dust, dirt, dander, and other particles over time. Cleaning your air ducts should also be a priority to maintaining a clean household and clean indoor air quality. By not cleaning out your air duct you’re potentially breathing in all that excess dust. By breathing all that in you might start showing signs of respiratory problems. Which is why we’re here to tell you to get your air ducts cleaned.

Why you should clean your air duct

If you’ve ever wondered why cleaning your air duct is important, we’re about to give you some answers. Trust us, the answers are quite surprising.

Duct cleaning prevents health issues

You’re probably thinking some of your health issues or allergies might not be related to the cleanliness of your air duct. Guess again. Now, we’re not saying that the sole cause of your respiratory problems and other health concerns is because of dirty air ducts. We’re saying that a dirty air duct is possibly triggering your allergies or respiratory problems, or just making it worse.

We’ve reiterated that air ducts accumulate dust and dirt particles over time. We cannot stress this enough and we will say it again. Your air duct is collecting dust and dirt particles! How does this relate to health issues? Your HVAC system carries harmful contaminants that will affect yours and your family’s health. Once the dirt has built up to a great amount it gives way to skin allergies and other respiratory issues. If you continue to let the contaminants build up excessively those minor respiratory issues may lead to severe and worse problems.

Underlying issues in the system are exposed

You may think that your HVAC system is in pristine condition, but what lies on the system will remain unseen and unknown until you have it cleaned. By cleaning your air duct and having it regularly maintained it’s easier to notice mechanical issues on the system and you can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Signs you need to get your air duct cleaned

The easiest way to get this over and done with is to just give your HVAC system a good ol’ cleaning session. If you need more convincing though, well we come bearing signs.

Visible mold and musty odor

You already know that dust can negatively impact your health. Mold, however, that’s a different thing. Mold doesn’t just worsen allergies and respiratory problems, it also spreads extremely fast throughout your home. How does mold grow in your heating and cooling system? Well, your HVAC system can develop condensation and this leads to the growth of mold in your ductwork. Mold grows in humid conditions, so if you live in a humid climate, be aware of mold.

You may spot mold around your vent, but many components of your heating and cooling systems are not easily accessible. The issue with mold infestation is that it is visually difficult to detect. Although it is visually difficult to detect, the usual giveaway is the musty odor.

If you smell a musty odor in the air or you can see actual mold it’s time for your air duct to be cleaned. Taking action immediately will preserve your home’s indoor air quality.

Visible dust

Does your home still feel dusty no matter how often you clean? Dusting is not an exciting task but it is something that we have to do from time to time. If you clean a flat surface in your home and then notice dust right after, chances are you probably need to have your air ducts cleaned.

Your home can be squeaky clean but dust, dirt, pet dander, and other contaminants still linger in the ducts. Sometimes you may notice that your HVAC system is spitting out dust every time you turn it on.

Remove the vent cover or air filter and take a look into the ductwork. Can you see the metal covered in dust? If you do see dust and dirt by the vents that blow air out, or on the inside and outside – your air duct needs a good cleaning.

To prevent the dust building up in the future, replace your air duct filter frequently. Check your filter frequently and consistently and once you see dust building up find a replacement filter.

Pest or rodent infestation

There will be times where mice, squirrels, and insects will make their way into your air duct. Naturally these pests leave behind all sorts of bacteria and droppings. If rodents find their way into the ductwork, they will make nests and leave droppings as well. These droppings send tiny fecal spores sweeping along the ducts and will make its way into your home and contaminate the air quality.

Some telltale signs of rodents in your ductwork, will be chewed up materials, unpleasant smells, droppings, which are all an indication of infestation. Note to yourself, that a rodent infestation doesn’t just mean an air duct cleaning. Much more serious structural damage can cause the HVAC system to not work efficiently and higher energy bills.

Energy cost increase

Whenever you pay the energy bills, the cost is relatively predictable. The cost of energy consumption might fluctuate from time to time, but the cost is usually in the range that you consistently pay. If you receive a bill that was far more expensive than predicted your dirty air duct might be the one to blame.

When your ductwork becomes really dirty the air is not able to flow freely and efficiently through your HVAC system. If and when this does happen, your heater and air conditioner are forced to work harder than normal so a comfortable temperature is maintained. The added energy consumption means a high utility bill for you.

Another thing you might notice is that the bathroom, bedroom, or other rooms in your home don’t receive the same level of airflow compared to other rooms. Air vents that are fully open should deliver a consistent airflow throughout your home. If the airflow isn’t consistent then your unclean air duct is the issue.


If you think that your HVAC system is showing these signs then chances are your air duct could use a bit of cleaning. It’s crucial to prioritize your air duct cleaning just as you prioritize cleaning your car or home.

Having a clean air duct can prevent you from developing serious respiratory problems, maintaining your utility bill, and providing your home with the clean and breathable air that you deserve.

It doesn’t hurt to start checking on your air duct, like the saying goes, “better late than never.”

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