How Much Does A Vent Cleaning Cost?

With prices increasing and your dollar stretching less, you are looking for any way to save money. However, safety and security are two things not to skimp on. With dryer vents being one of the most common causes of house fires in America, you need to clear out those vents regularly to avoid fire hazards. […]

Types of Mold in Air Ducts: Why Is Duct Cleaning Important?

One of the common problems homeowners face is air duct mold. Your air ducts play a crucial role in the ventilation of your home. When they become contaminated with mold, they can cause various health problems for you and your family. In fact, indoor air pollutants are one of the top ten health risks in […]

What Causes Heating of Your Air Ducts?

That hot summer heat is about to greet us again. And while we wait, we won’t want to be feeling any heat coming out of the air ducts. But what do you do when it happens? A few things could be causing the heat in your air ducts. One possibility is that the insulation around […]

Why Equipment Matters When a Specialist Comes To Clean Your Ducts

It’s spring here in the northern hemisphere, meaning it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Get your vacuum out, your dusters and put your cleaning gloves on. Gather all the cleaning supplies you need, and get ready to give your home a good, deep cleaning. And as you’re going through your spring cleaning checklist, […]

Why is Regular Home Air Duct Maintenance So Important?

Let’s imagine for a second that we’re going to a doctor’s office. This particular building looks like it houses asbestos, more than likely because it was built in the 1950s. It’s old, and it looks like it. The door is heavy, made of metal and opens with a loud screech. Once we’re inside, the smell […]