In Dallas, there are many dangers to indoor air quality that are not always visible. These include bacteria, mold, black particles that are made up of human skin cells, pet dander, dust mites, pesticides, and even asbestos.

Not only does this affect the health of those living in the home but it can also have negative effects on the environment. We deal with problems like this here at Organic Home Service in Dallas everyday. If you have never had an advanced air duct cleaning before, then this blog post will introduce some of the most important things for you to know about advanced air duct cleaning.

Why Is It Important To Have an Advanced Air Duct Cleaning?

Advanced air duct cleaning is important because it can eliminate an accumulation of dust, pollutants and dust mites that are unwanted in a home. This can improve indoor air quality for those living in a home as well as the environment.

There are also some big benefits for a homeowner:

What Is the Difference Between a Traditional and Advanced Air Duct Cleaning?

In simple terms, traditional air duct cleaning simply removes dirt and dust from the air that is blowing out of the home’s HVAC vents. They also can clean rust, mold and mildew from the interiors of the vents, ductwork and air handler.

They may also perform some minor attic cleanings, check and tighten duct connections, and perform water leak detection.

Advanced air duct cleaning offers more than just the removal of dirt and dust. Using the advanced method may include:

All homeowners eventually experience “that smell” coming from their air ducts. This is normally caused by dust, mold, etc. Deodorizing will prevent these smells and keep your HVAC system smelling fresh

Deep cleaning involves using a vacuum and air pressure to clean the air ducts just like traditional duct cleaning, but with advanced cleaning techniques, there are specialized brushes used to lift up particles such as mold and caked on particles that are particularly stubborn.

Advanced air duct cleaning can check to make sure that there are no pests present in the HVAC system.

How Does Advanced Air Duct Cleaning Work?

The process of air duct cleaning normally involves two or more cleaners that go into the ducts to treat the entire duct system. This requires technicians to use tools like suction devices to remove dirt and debris from the duct system.

They are also responsible for ensuring the duct system is completely dry after cleaning. While the goal is to eliminate some of the harmful substances that might be present in the air ducts, the cleaners also focus on the condition of the ducts.

What Should You Do Before an Air Duct Cleaning?

It is important to read up on the rules for hiring and inspecting an air duct cleaning service. In this case, the company must be registered and licensed by the state.

When Should I Have My Advanced Air Duct Cleaning Done?

To determine if your ducts need to be cleaned, you should use air monitors. This will let you know if you are breathing the same air that other people in your area are breathing.

It is recommended that you have the air on for 20 minutes to give the monitors time to detect if you are breathing the same air that other people in your area are breathing.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Having This Service Done?

The main reason that you would choose to have an advanced air duct cleaning is that you know that the ducts are no longer performing efficiently. Air ducts are the largest reservoir for pollutants.

By cleaning them properly, you can make sure that you are not damaging the air quality in your home or business.

Another good reason to consider an advanced air duct cleaning is because your ducts may be blocked. You may have pests like mice and cockroaches in the walls or under your house or you may have contaminated water in the pipes.

These contaminants are affecting the air quality in your home and making you feel as if you have trouble breathing.

How Much Does an Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

You have to understand that the price that these companies ask for their services are based on the state of the home. They often have different ideas about what they can and cannot clean in an area.

Therefore, some people may find it difficult to expect the same price for the same service in different areas of the home.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know About This Service Before Contacting a Professional Company for an Estimate?

An air duct cleaning company can evaluate all of your air ducts and make recommendations to you on which ones to be cleaned.

In lots of ways, you should be confident that your cleaning company will do a great job at getting your home’s ducts cleaned and make sure that your HVAC system works the way it should.

Why Organic Home Service in Dallas Is the Best Choice for Your Advanced Air Duct Cleaning

Not all air duct cleaning companies are the same. Here at Organic Home Service in Dallas for instance, we use 100 percent organic methods to clean your air ducts. That way there are no toxic chemicals flowing through your air ducts.  This type of service is known as a professional, chemical-free air duct cleaning.

Another great thing about us is our loyal base of customers who know that we only employ professional and highly trained technicians to provide them with the best service possible. We’ve been taking care of our customers for a very long time now and we know our skills are unmatched.

Find out for yourself by contacting Organic Home Service today for  an advanced air duct cleaning.

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