Many people enjoy a clean house, but sometimes keeping certain parts of your home clean is not just nice but also precautious. There are contraptions in your home, such as the air duct, that if not properly cleaned and kept up with, could be a hazard for you and your family. Keeping your air ducts clean is a bigger deal than you may think and in this article we will go over how air duct cleaning promotes health in your home.

While there are many reasons as to why keeping a clean air duct is a good idea, here are five.

A study has shown that the average human spends anywhere from 60-90 percent of their life living indoors. That is a lot of time spent in the comfort of your home! That also means the majority of our lives are spent breathing in the air from inside our house. Wouldn’t you want that air to be the cleanest it could so you aren’t inhaling dirt and debris? Approximately 40 pounds of dust is accumulated each year in your home, so imagine how much dust begins in the air ducts and gets blown into your air!

Reducing the Presence of Allergens

As stated before, a large amount of dust accumulates in your home, and even more specifically, your air duct. As air travels through these layers of dust, dust mites are sent flying through the air in your home. Also, mold spores, viruses, pet dander and bacteria are carried within the dust. Keeping your air duct clean eliminates the possibility of having these unwanted things floating in your home’s air.

Improving Air Flow Efficiency

As dust accumulates in your air duct, that means there’s less space for air to travel. The more dust, the more air that is blocked. By cleaning your air duct this ensures that your air flow is more efficient and has more room to flow. Having better air flow efficiency will leave your house feeling either cooler or warmer, whatever temperature you have set.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Odors

As we discussed earlier, many unwanted things can be found in dust that accumulates in your air ducts. Just some of these things are mold, bacteria, pet dander and viruses. Obviously these things can leave a nasty smell. Cleaning out your air ducts ensures you get rid of these odors and that will make your nose happier!

Keeping Your Space Cleaner

Whatever is accumulating in your air duct, is going to be blown into your air. If you have large amounts of dust in the duct, it will soon be sprayed throughout your home, leaving your furniture and other household items dusty and dirty. Cleaning out your air duct helps keep the rest of your home clean, too.

Allows Easier Breathing

Thankfully lungs are wonderful organs that have defense mechanisms against breathing in dust. Although, this does need to mean that inhaling dust is good for your lungs.  Your lungs have special reactions to dust that either allows it to be captured and spit out or swallowed. To avoid having to go through this process and give your lungs a break, cleaning out your air duct would be a good idea.

Did you know that air ducts aren’t just the ones that run through your house to supply your family with temperature controlled air? Here are some other compressed air ducts that need cleaning:

Keeping your air ducts clean is a good idea to maintain a healthy home and even a healthy family. Even if you are moving into a brand new home, there still could have been accumulation from the construction that was done to build your home. It is a good idea to maintain clean air ducts and get them properly cleaned every three to five years.

Your air ducts are what transports the air that you breathe. Dirty air ducts can contain lots of bacteria, pet dander, viruses and even more things that you do not want entering your lungs. The best way to keep your family healthy and home clean is to ensure that you have clean air ducts and have them professionally cleaned regularly.

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