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Importance & Benefits Of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

What’s in your air duct? If you are not sure, then this is the article you should read. Here at Organic Home Service in Texas, we know that as a business owner, commercial air duct cleaning is very important to work that is related to the safety of you, your employees, customers and many more.

While there are many companies that offer commercial air duct cleaning, there are only a few companies that offer a professional experience that you can trust and rely on. At Organic Home Service, we are proud to be one of these trusted companies.

This article will show both the importance & benefits of commercial air duct cleaning.

Why would commercial businesses Need Air Duct Cleaning?

Roughly 90% of the dust in the U.S. has a risk of poisoning others. Air ducts are usually not kept clean by companies. This is why there is so much dust and mold in your air ducts. There are many reasons for air duct cleaning. To name a few:

  • It prevents building fires
  • improves your overall health & comfort, and keeps the rest of the building odor-free

What Are The Risks of Allowing Ducts To Become Clogged?

Commercial air duct cleaning is a professional job that has to be done the right way. However, there are risks that come along with not doing this. If the duct is clogged, it can cause the A/C to shut off.

This could be quite dangerous, especially if your employees are depending on the A/C to keep them cool. This can be an expensive occurrence and you can be held liable for this. This is why it is important to have your commercial air ducts professionally cleaned.

Many businesses have ductwork installed in their structures, and often these ducts can become clogged over time. While it’s true that some types of ductwork are designed to only work for a certain amount of time, most commercial air ducts will last nearly forever.

  • Commercial air ducting can be hard to clean properly if left alone for years or even sometimes decades
  • In the long run, clogged air ducts can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your business’s air conditioning system
  • Your central HVAC will end up working overtime to keep everything cooled down or heated up. This will only shorten the life of your HVAC unit

Cleaning your air ducts regularly is the best way to prevent this, and will keep your home’s HVAC system working at its best.

Respiratory Illnesses

One of the primary causes of air ducts and pipes becoming unclean are the strong, respiratory irritations that cause the severe smell of feces and urine to seep through your ducts.

With more than 95% of lung infections linked to respiratory illness, the smell of human feces and urine are usually very potent and the mixture inside the ducts can quickly lead to other respiratory issues.

You can have as many as 20 airborne conditions within 10 feet of your commercial air ducts if you are not doing an air duct cleaning on a regular basis. Not only will this cost you money and keep you from getting the service that you need, but if you aren’t protected against respiratory illness from exposure to air, then you are not getting the best service for the money.

Dangerous Bacteria

Diseases that can occur from poor air quality in commercial air ducts are quite damaging to your business, employees, customers, friends, and family. Healthy air should be shared as often as possible, and we are aware that the air in most commercial areas may not be very healthy at times, and that is especially true in an office environment.

In addition, pests can come into your business and find a home in your air ducts, making it easier for them to bring disease into your building and infect others.

Dangerous Dust Levels

In many places throughout the world, dust levels in commercial air ducts can be very high and unhealthy. In some places, the levels are so high that toxic substances such as asbestos can accumulate.

The Benefits of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

When the air coming from commercial air ducts is dirty, it is definitely not good for your health. When the air ducts are not properly cleaned, it is a major problem and can cause many health problems including allergies and respiratory problems.

Air duct cleaning is also an important step in improving the overall air quality in your building. It gives you the assurance that your building is now equipped with well-equipped commercial air ducts that will ensure that your health is now and always will be safe and healthy.

Reduces Allergens

Dust and pollen are gross, but allergens like those two can make your office or business area very uncomfortable. Not only are they unpleasant, but it also takes the health of your employees down.

Airborne allergens are invisible to the human eye, but they can be lethal to your employees and guests. When you’re going to have people coming in and out of your office or your business premises, you don’t want them to experience these symptoms.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

A healthy office or business area is not only desirable but also essential for your employees and clients. Airborne allergens can cause sneezing, coughing, congestion and even headaches.

These symptoms can impair the concentration of your employees and can even lead to them missing work.

Reduces Harmful Spores in the Air

Air duct cleaning is great for preventing mold growth. Mold and mildew growth in your ducts can have some very bad consequences.

The most serious of these consequences is the risk of mold and mildew in the area. When this happens, there is a possibility of a fatal mold infection to the lungs.

And if you live in a humid area, mold infections can also be a common cause of allergies. Air duct cleaning can help you eliminate the risk of mold and mildew growth.

It will also help to improve the overall quality of the air in your building, especially when you have a lot of mechanical equipment and machinery. Air duct cleaning is also important when you have children or pets in your building.

Why Organic Home Service of Dallas, Texas Is Qualified To Clean Your Commercial Air Ducts

So you probably have heard a lot about commercial air duct cleaning companies. Some might be good, while some might be bad. Organic Home Service happens to be the best.

As a business owner, you should never compromise about who you hire to clean your commercial air ducts. Organic Home Service in Dallas, Texas is certified and bonded to clean your air ducts. We have been cleaning commercial air ducts since 2003.

Our family-owned & operated business has proudly served our Texas customers for quite some time now… We pride ourselves on doing the very best job for our clients.

Our goal is always to make your air ducts safe and effective. If you need a trustworthy & licensed professional commercial air duct cleaning company in Texas, then you can count on us.

Contact Organic Home Service today to get your commercial air ducts cleaned.

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