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The benefits of commercial air duct cleaning

If you own commercial property or are a business owner, you’ve probably had many types of services offered to you. Safe to say, you’re probably a skeptic when someone tells you that you “need” a service they provide. Well, what if we told you that your commercial property needs an air duct cleaning?

Sure, you can’t see deep inside the air duct, but that doesn’t mean that your duct doesn’t need cleaning. Did you know that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air? Which is why we like to emphasize that getting your air duct routinely checked and cleaned is a must. Of course, depending on the type of business, commercial air ducts will require cleaning more often than residential air ducts.

Before you decide that your air duct doesn’t need cleaning, we have gathered all the information for you so you don’t have to do the research.

How you can benefit from air duct cleaning

If you are a business owner or you own commercial property, you will benefit a lot from the air duct cleaning services provided by professionals as they offer the best cleaning services.

Did we mention that your air duct collects dust, mold, debris, and dander? Think about that. All that debris collected pollutes the indoor air. Do you really want the people living or using your commercial property to be breathing polluted air? We’ll talk more about how that could affect a person later.

Why is commercial air duct cleaning important

Commercial buildings create a number of air pollutants and contaminants. These can be dander, chemicals, and dust. These pollutants get pulled into the HVAC systems and are recirculated into the air. As time goes by, this recirculation will cause a buildup of contaminants in the duct work. So what are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

  • Improves air quality. Clean air. Who doesn’t love clean air? Having clean air is essential for a functional commercial space. Unclean air ducts can allow air passing through to pick up and distribute more airborne particles. This can cause an irritation in allergies, eye irritation, and other health problems. If air quality isn’t properly controlled this can contribute to more employee absenteeism, lower morale, and can cause more damage to the HVAC system. We’re talking about wear and tear. Cleaning air ducts can prevent all this from happening. Reduced health costs and sick leave and increasing the efficiency of your cooling and heating system.
  • Removes potential pathogens and mold. You probably know that mold can grow in humid climates. What would that mean? If mold grows then it will spread throughout the ductwork. Many people show some form of allergic sensitivity to mold. In more severe cases, mold can provoke respiratory conditions. Having a clean air duct also removes the rodent droppings that are left behind and other small animals that make their way into the ducts from the outside.
  • Eliminates odors. If you turn on your HVAC and you can smell something unpleasant, your air duct needs to be cleaned. The damp odors, animal or basement smells can form from the lack of maintenance. Having a professional clean out your air duct not only gets rid of these foul odors but they also help prevent the odors from recurring.
  • Protects medical and research facilities. It is a challenge when you have to clean the air ducts in hospitals, laboratories, and other specialized manufacturing facilities. When maintaining a clean environment in a facility is of the utmost priority air ducts can contribute to contamination. This contamination can happen when air ducts are not frequently maintained. HEPA filters are used to decrease the spread of airborne particles. But, we recommend frequent air duct cleaning for these types of facilities
  • Improves employee morale and productivity. When in a comfortable building with clean fresh air, employees, clients, and customers don’t have to worry about the maintenance issues. In fact, they shouldn’t have to worry about it at all. Cleaner air ducts will cause less distraction in employees. Why? Dust can cause sneezing and coughing. Clean air ducts mean less coughing and sneezing from dust. The fewer distractions employees have the more their productivity increases. Your staff and faculty can focus better and put more effort into their business of the day.
  • Saves on energy costs. If heating and cooling systems start accumulating and become contaminated with dust and debris they need to work harder. The extra work and stress doesn’t just shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system. There will be an increase in energy consumption. As a business owner, we know and understand that you want to reduce costs when it comes to energy and utilities. Having clean air ducts means that the HVAC system does not have to work as hard. This in turn, results in less energy used, less utility costs, and a longer life for your air conditioner and furnace. Peak performance is what we want from your HVAC system. A clean air duct will do just that.


Owning a commercial property is not an easy job. There is a lot to think about. Maintenance, satisfaction from employees and customers, expenses going out, and so much more. We want to help you in reducing a few of those stressors.

Do you see why having a clean air duct is beneficial? You’re saving energy and utilities cost. You’re making sure that your employees, customers, and clients don’t have to worry about the maintenance issues. They get to just breathe clean indoor air and stay cool or warm. You’re helping your employees stay productive and making sure they’re healthy.

We can’t force you to get your air duct cleaned, but maybe think about just talking to a professional. You don’t have to get your air duct cleaned then and there, but it doesn’t hurt to hear what the professionals have to say. After all, we know that keeping the people in your building safe and healthy is your biggest priority. So, just think about it.

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