Everyone wants to be able to breathe clean indoor air. Clean air ducts mean a cleaner environment in your home or office and it keeps those allergies at bay. Air ducts are an essential whole-part cooling and heating system for your home or office. The air duct circulates heated or cooled air indoors. Over time your air duct will collect dust, dirt, pollen and other particles and will need to be cleaned out.

So, you’ve cleaned your air duct by yourself or had it done professionally. The only thing now is to think about how you’re going to keep it clean for longer.

Once you figure out how to keep your air duct clean for longer, you’ll save yourself the cleaning time and money. So, what can we provide you? Well, we have some simple tips to keep your air duct clean.

Why you should clean your air ducts

The multi-million dollar question of the day. Why should you clean your air duct? The forced air from your HVAC that flows through, like dust, dirt, and pet hair, can spread throughout your home. When you clean your air duct you’ll have cleaner indoor air. Cleaner air ducts also means less dust. One other benefit of having a clean HVAC system is that there will be less odors and reduced allergy symptoms depending on what was hiding in your system.

Change air filters regularly

Air filters are the ones that trap dust and other particles before they enter into your HVAC system. As time goes by, all those dust and particles get clogged and require cleaning or a replacement. It is recommended by experts that air filters are replaced every three months. However, replacement time varies on certain factors, such as the dust level in your area, if there are any pets indoors and the season. During the hotter climates air conditioners tend to be used more frequently.

Sometimes keeping track of when to replace the filters is difficult. You might also wonder, “when is the exact time?”

Check on your filter about once a week. You could check on it at the beginning of the week or the last day of the week. Making sure you have a consistent and efficient way of checking will help you have a system for yourself and see the current state of the filter.

If you see dust and particulates on it, then it’s time for a replacement. Thankfully, the design of air filters are user-replaceable. Their replacements can be found off the shelf and make sure you are choosing the same size as the previous one.

Dust and vacuum often

Do you ever find yourself cleaning your room or house when it feels like it’s dusty or some of your allergies are being triggered? It’s the same concept when it comes to your air duct. Dust, dander, and other particles that are collected in your air duct come from everywhere. From the dust and other particles you bring into your home from the outdoors to having an indoor pet.

Maintaining a regular house cleaning routine can prevent these particles from entering your heating and air conditioning ducts. Making sure your indoor space is clean can contribute to sustaining good indoor air quality and preventing occurrences of asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues.

Maintain clean indoor air circulation

In addition to maintaining a regular house cleaning, investing in an air purifier is another way of keeping your HVAC system clean. Make sure to do your research if you plan on investing in one. Not all air purifiers are the same so take the time in finding out which purifier will work best for you. Like your HVAC system, air purifiers will also need to have their filter cleaned or replaced for it to work efficiently.

Keep air vents open

Your air duct will accumulate dust and debris at a faster rate if you keep your air vents shut. Your air vents will have little levers that allow you to adjust them, so make sure that it’s open most of the time. Also make sure that there is nothing getting in the way of the vents. For example, furniture or decorations.

Consider hiring a professional

Keeping your air duct clean for a longer period of time takes a lot of work. Your air duct might require a clean every three to five years. Hiring a professional to clean your air duct once every few years will maintain a cleaner heating and cooling system. The experts will get into the nook and crannies of the air duct that you probably had trouble getting to and it ensures that they cleaned your air duct through and through.


We spend most of our time indoors. You go home after work, you go to your office, you sleep indoors, you keep pets indoors and other situations and circumstances that require you to stay inside.

Either way, you want to be able to stay inside your home or work where the air is clean. Having a dirty air duct would do the opposite. Your health is jeopardized, you may start showing allergy symptoms and in worse case scenarios a fire could start at your house because of all the dust and dirt buildup.

Cleaning your air duct and maintaining it ensures that these situations are prevented. What are you waiting for? Go check on your air duct.

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