The pandemic has become a time where the world had to make adjustments. Fast and quick, too. Schools were shutting down, the workforce was temporarily out of a job (for an uncertain time) and the world was still hearing about Covid cases left and right.

It was a time of uncertainty for everyone, but with the world slowly going back to normal, employers and employees are going back to their on-site office life. There’s a lot of skepticism going around about whether bringing people back into the workplace was a good idea.

What are the safety precautions implemented to protect employees?

Are masks mandatory indoors?

Is there going to be a blend of working from home and the office?

Whatever, the decision was, most of the workforce have been back to work physically. Whether your work is hybrid or you’re fully back in the office, it’s time for you to think about cleaning the air duct.

The pandemic isn’t over, but with everyone’s lives reverting back to normal, your commercial air duct needs some TLC.

Keep Your Office Virus-Free

What’s the one main thing you know about the transference of Covid?

It’s airborne, which is why the six-feet social distancing played a part. If a person coughs without a mask and this happens in an indoor environment, the virus can transmit to others who are indoors.

Cleaning the air duct improves the interior air quality and your HVAC is the most important piece of equipment in your office, which is especially important during a pandemic. Some systems take in fresh air from the outside before it passes through a purifying HVAC system.

It’s important that employees and customers can inhale clean air in a commercial space. If you clean the HVAC systems you’re decreasing the possibility of toxins making them sick. Diseases can lower a person’s immune systems, which puts them at risk of contracting Coronavirus.

Creates a Lively Environment and Improve Air quality

Having your air duct in a commercial space cleaned reduces the amount of dust and debris. It also gives you a lively environment in your workplace.

If you haven’t been able to use your commercial space for a while due to the pandemic, then the air duct probably accumulated copious amounts of dust and debris. If a lot of dust and debris accumulates in your HVAC system then the indoor air that you and your employees breathe in, is not clean.

With all the unclean indoor air you and others breathe in, you and everyone else’s health gets affected. As mentioned above, a weaker immune system is not going to help anyone. The unclean air from the HVAC system has traces of bacteria, dust, debris and droppings from pests.

Combining all that, you can imagine how serious the situation is. Having clean air is essential for a functional commercial space. The airborne particles that get picked up through air ducts can cause irritation in allergies, eye irritation and other health problems.

If air quality isn’t controlled, it contributes to more employee absenteeism, lower morale and will damage your HVAC system.

Cleaner air ducts provide a lively environment for your business place. You and your employees are breathing fresh and clean indoor air, there are no allergies or health issues triggered and they can enjoy the space they’re using.

Cleaning your air ducts thoroughly also reduces the amount of interior cleaning and dusting required to keep your commercial place clean.

Removes unpleasant odors and smells

If you smell something funky, then you need to get your air ducts cleaned. The damp odors, animal or basement smells circulate throughout your facility whenever the heater or air conditioner turns on.

The accumulation of dust and debris over time can cause a musty odor coming from your ductwork. Get your air duct cleaned thoroughly and this removes all odor-trapping particles, which results in a fresher smelling environment.

Efficiency of Airflow Increases

Dust and dirt build-up in ductwork can restrict the flow of air from the furnace and air conditioner. Implying that your HVAC system will have to work harder to heat or cool your place. This lowers its efficiency.

A clean HVAC system on the other hand, operates at peak efficiency and provides the best value for every dollar. Vent cleaning is a preventive maintenance that you should perform on a regular basis to enhance machine performance and reduce the risk of fires.

Lower Energy Costs

If your HVAC system is unclean, that means with all the dirt build-up, your heater or air conditioner has to work harder. The harder the machine works the more energy it requires. This means that your HVAC system requires a lot more for it to function at the peak.

Cleaning out your ductwork helps reduce your energy bills because it requires less energy. On top of that, the extra work and stress shortens the lifespan of your HVAC system.

As a business owner, we know and understand that you want to reduce costs when it comes to energy and utilities.

Would you rather pay a higher energy bill or lower energy bill for maximum efficiency?

It’s Time to Check Your HVAC System

Remember the pandemic is still ongoing. Even with the distribution of vaccines that doesn’t change the situation of someone catching an illness.

Prioritizing the health and safety of your employees is at its all-time high. Everyone is much more cautious and hyper alert when they’re in an area with a lot of people around.

Indoor air quality should always be at its highest level. Cleaning hoods and dryer vents doesn’t just benefit your health, your staff’s and your customer’s health, but it also helps to lessen the risk of a fire and the spread of diseases.

Having your air duct cleaned enhances the productivity of your appliance, improves breathing, cuts energy bills and prevents mold and moisture issues.

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