Why should you clean your dryer vent? Clothes dryers are a common household appliance. They use hot air to remove water from wet clothes and sheets, leaving them soft and fluffy.

A working dryer is an efficient machine that will help reduce your utility bill. However, the lint buildup inside the vent can lead to fire risk or cause it to malfunction. Here in Texas, our technicians at Organic Home Service have seen it all.

It also releases toxic particles into the atmosphere when heated up during operation. Regularly cleaning your vent will keep it in good condition and make sure you’re not breathing potentially harmful particles.

Here’s how cleaning your vent can avoid any potential problems.

What Is the Dryer Vent?

The dryer vent is actually a couple of systems that are in your dryer. The first section is the one you’ll probably see the most. It is a vent or rather a screen that is normally located near or inside of the dryer door.

You have to simply pull out the screen and then remove the lint and other particles that have accumulated on it. This “front-facing” screen is important to clean each time you finish drying your clothes. It prevents particles from flying around and you can easily improve the efficiency of your dryer by keeping the screen clear.

The second part of the dryer vent system is a long, slim hose or tube that carries hot air from the dryer. It leads to the outside of your house where it enters the outdoor environment.

A vent’s design and where it leads to can impact air quality. It’s the size of the air tubes, their length, and their shape that help regulate air pressure inside the vent.

There’s a minimum size of the vent that it must operate in. When it is too small, it may take longer for the air to flow and for it to cool down.

When it’s too big, it can cause a lot of heat to build up inside the dryer. This can lead to the pipes getting blocked or cause the dryer to overheat.

The Dangers of Not Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

Dryer vents have a tendency to get stuck with lint and hair. This could lead to a fire, as hot air can make the vent heavier and more difficult to turn.

It could also result in the vent sticking open during dryer operation. If the vent sticks open, the dryer won’t efficiently cool the air and cause it to be ineffective.

For these reasons, removing lint can help ensure your dryer operates more effectively. When you have to remove lint from your dryer vent, check your vent cleaner for instructions and a place to dispose of any lint.

If the lint accumulates in the vent and gets stuck, your dryer will not operate efficiently.

How Do You Clean Your Dryer Vent?

You Can Clean Your Dryer Vent With a Shop Vac

Replace the Blade of Your Dryer

A professional is recommended for this type of maintenance.

Disassemble the Vent

We advise you to get with a professional air duct cleaning company for this drastic step.

Do You Need To Clean the Duct Connected to the Dryer?

Yes, you will need to have all ducting cleaned because lint and other particles will build up over time and potentially cause problems.

What Exactly Is Lint?

Lint is composed of tiny fibers of material such as fluff, dust and ash. Although they can be made of synthetic material, some are made of synthetic fibers.

They’re responsible for maintaining the appropriate level of humidity in the air, preventing your clothes from getting soggy during the drying process.

The accumulation of lint can result in a build-up in the dryer’s exhaust vent.

What Causes Lint To Build Up in Your Dryer?

Clothes that were wet when they were placed in the dryer don’t dry themselves. Some of these garments may have accumulated moisture in the fabric, making them wet.

Tips for Preventing Lint Buildup in Your Vent

Make sure to clean the entire vent every month

Clothes dryers produce lint, and it can build up in the lint trap over time. Once it builds up enough, the vent might clog and prevent air from escaping.

Some households tend to ignore the vent for a while until it gets so out of shape that it won’t function properly anymore. This usually occurs when the lint in the trap is not cleaned regularly.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by doing vent cleaning. There are two major kinds of lint trap: the hard and the fluffy.

Cleaning the fluffy lint trap is the simplest task to perform, but the hard lint trap may require you to do a lot of elbow grease. Start with the hard lint trap by taking off the vent cover.

Why Organic Home Service in Texas Can Professionally Clean Your Dryer Vent

When you have a professional company such as Organic Home Service professionally clean your dryer vent, you can be assured that your entire vent system will be cleaned and inspected for any potential problems.

We have the skills, tools and most importantly the trained technicians that can take care of any venting problem you have. In Texas, contact Organic Home Service today to get your dryer vent cleaned.

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