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Organic Home Service understands the importance of a properly functioning HVAC system, especially in the summer heat, and that’s why we commit ourselves in providing high-quality Dallas air conditioning service.  Your home’s air conditioning system deserves only the best services to provide you a more comfortable and healthier lifestyle. When it comes to professional and reliable home heating and air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance, we deliver accurate, fast and efficient results. We pride ourselves with proficient technicians who are equipped with state of the art tools and equipment. Nothing is more important to us than serving you with quality and integrity.

When you’re looking for a full-service HVAC company, trust us when we say you’re in good hands. With us, you are guaranteed of unbeatable services from installing your new air conditioning unit to repairing your heating system. Our many years in the industry means we have all the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the best Dallas air conditioning service. We provide installation, repair and maintenance services for air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini-splits. Call us today for more information. 

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Dallas Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Installation Dallas

When your HVAC system is hard at work, your energy bills skyrocket along with your anxiety. This is not the situation that we want you to experience, hence we commit to helping you choose the right system to condition your air properly and keep you cozy. With Organic Home Service, we consider your time, budget and comfort as we partner with you in achieving the top quality of your heating and cooling system. As a leading HVAC company in Dallas, we make sure that you get the value of your investment by making the most out of your heating and cooling equipment by promoting its longevity and lessening your energy costs. Expect our technicians to install your air conditioning system properly to provide you and your family a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

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AC Repairs

Air conditioners are intricate machines which breakdowns require serious time and attention of technicians. That’s why we’ve created practical, efficient and affordable solutions for air conditioner repairs. We pride ourselves with certified technicians who always value professionalism and outstanding customer service. Their reliable knowledge and skills give our clients unparalleled peace of mind every time they do repair, with considerable speed and accuracy.

AC Maintenance

Dallas often experiences harsh challenges of changing weather that’s why it’s important to maintain the complex system of your HVAC system. The buildup of dust and particulates can cause poorly functioning equipment worse, expensive leaks and repairs. With our affordable HVAC maintenance , you have options to choose from without compromising the quality of your indoor air. Our main goal with our preventive maintenance service is to better your daily living no matter the age of your heating and cooling equipment.

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Your Home's Indoor Air

Nothing beats a clean and safe air circulating in the comfort of your home. With our Dallas air conditioning service, we are with you in providing the best indoor air for your home. Our skilled technicians are highly qualified to ensure that you get excellent solutions that you truly deserve.

The quality of the air your breathing in your home is quite important. Over time, dust and allergens will fill up your HVAC system and if not addressed right away, will affect its function and your health. Note that the air that you breathe inside your house is the same air that your ductwork produces. Don’t compromise your quality of life and make sure to stay up to date with your air duct cleaning. At Organic Home Service, our expert technicians deliver a comprehensive method of Dallas air duct cleaning and inspection of your HVAC system.. You’ll be amazed by the results as you breathe fresher and cleaner air in the comfort of your house.

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Common Questions About Your HVAC System

How are the sizing capacities of cooling and heating systems measured?

The cooling and heating systems are sized depending on their tonnage. 1 ton is equivalent to 12,000 BTU/H. Residential cooling and heating systems range from 1 to 5 tons.

What size HVAC system should I use?

There is no standard rule set in sizing a home HVAC system. 1 ton of air conditioning has a capacity of cooling 300 to 800 square feet of a home. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you consult with a certified HVAC technician to assess your home’s heating and cooling needs.

How can I increase the efficiency of my heating and cooling systems?

The best thing to do is clean and replace your filters as often as possible frequently.

Is it important to have maintenance services for my air conditioner?

Yes. Regular maintenance services from a reliable HVAC contractor will increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Also, it extends the life of your cooling unit and reduces your energy bills.

Why does my air conditioner keep breaking down?

Contact a professional HVAC technician when you experience this problem. Your cooling unit may have a faulty blower motor that could be caused by a clogged air filter or a leaking valve.

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Benefits Of An Efficient Air Conditioning System

Energy Savings

Installing a highly efficient HVAC system in your house means big savings. The technology integrated into your cooling and heating equipment is built to reduce your energy bills thanks to comfort-monitoring systems and new thermostats that enable automated scheduling based on your presence.

Return of Investment

An updated and well-maintained HVAC system will expectedly boost the resale value of your house. This is because potential buyers will be spared by the hassle of immediate repairs and replacements of the cooling and heating equipment after buying the property.

Improved Results

Another trend in the latest HVAC systems is the impressive options offered for ventilation. By maximizing the use of fans and air filters of your heating and air conditioning units, the indoor air quality is improved throughout your house.

Additional Comfort

When you have an efficient air conditioning system, you and our family enjoy a healthier and safer environment. During summer, you get to relax with the right amount of cold and during winter, your heating system provides consistent levels of airflow to keep you and your family warm and more comfortable.

Increased Lifespan

With the latest technology used in manufacturing your HVAC system and routine maintenance, courtesy of licensed technicians, you get to extend the life of your cooling and heating equipment. This means that you’ll have fewer repairs and fewer issues in the future.

Green Lifestyle

With the extreme weather that we experience in Dallas, it is crucial that we consider a green lifestyle. Today’s high efficient HVAC systems make sure that they consume lesser fuel to conserve our natural resources. At Organic Home Service, we are all about going green.

Choosing Us For Your Dallas Air Conditioning Service

Our many years in the industry makes us a reliable air conditioning services company. We strive hard to empower our client’s lifestyle by providing them a comfortable environment through safer and healthier indoor air. Nothing is more important to us than seeing you happy and satisfied with the results of our services.

Excellent Customer Service
At Organic Home Service, we create and maintain successful relationships with our clients. As we commit to giving you the best service in town, we raise our bar higher than our competition by serving you quickly and fairly.

Comprehensive HVAC Service
We are a full-service HVAC company. From repairing your broken furnace due to extreme weather to installing your newly-bought air conditioning unit, our technicians are trained and equipped with the most advanced tools to address your heating and cooling system’s issues.

Professional Air Conditioning Service
We understand that problems in your heating and cooling systems could arise at any time. That’s why our HVAC services are made accessible and convenient through our availability to resolve your equipment’s issues in no time. When you call us, our professional technicians will arrive on your doorstep in no time

Ac conditioning

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Call The Pros

Isn’t it frustrating to struggle with a compromised sleep all because of a poorly functioning air conditioning or heating system? At Organic Home Service, our goal is to always keep our customers comfortable and happy. As such, we offer an array of HVAC services to the entire Dallas area. We designed our products and services with the highest level of quality and professionalism to ensure that your equipment is functioning properly.

The scorching heat of summer in Dallas can be challenging and stressful and the least that we want to do is to spend a day outside the comfort of our house. This is why a highly-efficient air conditioning system is important in every household. Knowing that you can enjoy the comfort and peace of your indoor air is always beneficial. So if you ever have a problem with your air conditioning system, it’s important to always call the professionals. Make a smart decision now and partner with us for your Dallas air conditioning system needs. 

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