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Aside from keeping your home and your family cool, especially during the Texas summers, insulation services have plenty of reasons why it makes for a great investment. It keeps the temperature in your home regulated, and doesn’t let air escape through the cracks. Insulation will also make a difference in your energy bill. A well-insulated house conserves energy and you’ll see the results in your next bill. Another benefit is it keeps your HVAC system lasting longer by helping it work more efficiently.

Comfort– Above anything else, insulation provides unbeatable comfort as it warms your house during the winter season and keeps it cool during the summer. As such, it provides convenience and relaxation to your loved ones no matter the season without relying on other items like blankets and fans.

Energy Savings– Proper home insulation can keep your HVAC system efficiency and keep your energy bills at a minimum. When insulation is maintained and used properly, you don’t have to worry on your heater and air conditioner to work hard than the usual.

Green Lifestyle– The very fact that insulation allows you to consume less energy, it means a lot to our environment as you contribute to fewer emissions and reduced carbon footprint.

Discreet Sound– As insulation absorbs the sounds that rebounds on your floors and walls, you get to enjoy your much-needed rest sans the unnecessary noise.

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At Organic Home Service, we conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of your house to measure and identify precisely all of your problem insulation areas. Then, we create a detailed plan on how to correctly seal them all. Our ultimate goal is to provide you and your family a healthier and safer indoor air that will result in a happier and comfortable daily living. When you call us for insulation services in Dallas, you will receive excellent quality of customer service, with the top of the line products and professional services delivered and installed with care, passion, and knowledge.

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Types of Insulation

Batt and Roll Insulation

Batt and roll insulation, also known as blanket insulation, is composed of pre-cut sections of rock wool, fiberglass, or any flexible fibers that are laid flat and matched between beams, studs, and joists. This affordable type of insulation (sometimes) comes with a kraft paper or vinyl for additional air barrier. Batt and roll insulation is highly recommended in unfinished walls, foundation walls, floors and ceilings free from obstructions.

Batt and Roll Insulation

Blown-In Insulation

Loose-fill and blown-in insulation are products of recycled materials like fiberglass (recycled glass), cellulose (recycled paper), or rock wool (post-industrial recycled content). This type of insulation is literally and figuratively blown into open spaces and is typically recommended for use in hard-to-reach areas like attic floors and walls.

Reflective Insulation

To reflect heat from the sun, reflective insulation and radiant barriers are made of foil-faced kraft paper, polyethylene bubbles, plastic film, or cardboard. This type of insulation is typically installed in attics because it lessens the radiant heat transferred from the roof to the ceilings, walls, and floors.

Reflective Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

One of the most efficient and effective types of home insulation is the spray foam insulation thanks to its multi-layer barrier that obstructs outside air and sounds from entering your house. Spray foam insulation works best in new construction walls with electrical and plumbing impediment and even with existing insulation. Foam-in-place insulation has the same advantages and is injected or blown into existing walls, new walls, surfaces of the attic and under floors to reduce leakage of air.

How to know when your home or business needs insulation...

There are many reasons for needing insulation services in Dallas. Organic Home Service is your trusted company to call. We have top of the line equipment and materials to make sure your home is properly insulated. Thinking about if you need to put insulation in your home? If you answer YES to one of these questions, call us to schedule a home insulation inspection.


  • Is your home too cold in the winter?
  • Is your home too hot in the summer?
  • Does your air conditioner work harder during summer?
  • Does your furnace work longer than the usual during winter?
  • Are your electric bills higher than expected?
  • Do you feel drafts in certain rooms?
  • Do the sounds of barking dogs and traffic bothers you when you’re inside the house?
  • Was your home built before the 1980s?
  • Are you using movable heaters and extra blankets in the winter?
  • Are you planning of getting a new air conditioning unit to help you feel comfortable and relaxed?

We provide free estimates for Dallas insulation services. A technician will do an assessment and go over with you the best option for insulating your home. Whether you need it in the walls or the ceiling, a technician will fully explain what is needing to be done in order for your home to be properly taken care of. Contact us today for more information.

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