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Fires can be destructive to your property and leave marks of frustration and depression. When you thought that firefighting efforts are enough, think twice. Note that your house or commercial building is likely to suffer from widespread fire and water damage. Organic Home Service prides ourselves with specialized fire damage restoration in Dallas. We are backed by years of education and experience to restore your house to a pre-fire condition.

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We are a licensed and bonded company that is trusted throughout the city Certified and highly skilled Dallas fire restoration specialists Quick and reliable response Using the most advanced clean up equipment and organic solutions

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A Trusted Dallas Fire Restoration Service

Our team consisting of fire damage specialists are trained and dedicated to responding promptly when you need assistance during a disaster event like a fire. A quick response prevents further damage and lessens the cost of damage and repair. Organic Home Service is your trusted company for Dallas fire restoration service. Our team of experts are equipped with the necessary training and latest equipment to restore your property back to its original condition.

What To Do After A Fire

  • Don’t stay in the house especially in the affected areas to prevent soot particles from being contained into the upholstery.
  • Cover rugs, upholstery and carpet traffic areas with clean linens.
  • Turn off the electricity and empty refrigerator and prop doors open.
  • Protect chrome by coating it with light petroleum jelly or oil.
  • Change HVAC filter.

What NOT To Do After A Fire
Don’t attempt to wash the walls or painted surfaces of your house without calling your Dallas fire damage restoration company.

  • Don’t touch nor clean any electrical appliances that may have been in or near fire, without asking an authorized repair service.
  • Don’t use any canned food and beverages that were close to the fire.
  • Don’t turn on ceiling fixtures when the ceiling is wet.
  • Don’t attempt to clean up damages yourself as you may inhale harmful particles. 

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The Process

Your first step towards a fire damage restoration in Dallas is to contact Organic Home Service. Our team’s quick response includes inspection and assessment on the extent of the fire damage, estimate costs of the damage and restoration process. Also, it is imperative that you keep in touch with your insurance company to make them aware of the fire. We understand the grief that comes with the fire damage and loss of property. That’s why our smoke and fire damage restoration service team will do their best efforts to save as many of your home and personal belongings as they can.

Steps for cleaning up...

1. Inspection of the affected property and fire damage assessment
2. Immediate roof tarp service (if necessary)
3. Water removal and drying (for water damage)
4. Removal of smoke and soot
5. Property cleaning and repair
6. Comprehensive restoration


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Preventing Further Damage

While waiting for a professional fire restoration company to handle the disaster, you can do these easy and simple tasks to help minimize the initial damage:

Ventilation – Open all windows and doors to remove polluted and unsafe air. Doing so will also help lessen the smoke damage in your house.
Cleaning – Scrub the interior and exterior surfaces of your cabinets and drawers with soap and water. Don’t use chemicals like an alkaline cleaner to neutralize the smoke odor in your house. Let the professionals handle such products to avoid further damage.
Laundry– Wash all bedding and clothing with washers and dryers that haven’t been exposed to smoke someone who is familiar with articles that have smoke damage.

Fire damage can be tricky because while some damages are obvious like discoloration on walls and ceilings, signs like trapped odors are not apparent. As such, we are able to also check your air conditioner vents to prevent damage, as it is a vulnerable area where ash can be deposited. More so, we will make sure to inspect your entire HVAC system and let you know what needs to be taken care of. 

Contact us today for your fire damage restoration in Dallas. You have already had enough stress dealing with a fire to your property, so let us handle the cleanup. Questions about our restoration service or any of our services, simply give us a call today. Our friendly staff and technicians are a phone call away to make sure your home is restored by the professionals. 

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